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Steamboat Zupa

Župa – historical steamboat

Una, which was the original name of this ship, was built in 1913 in a shipyard in Budapest, formal Austro-Hungarian Empire, to serve the navy. During WWI it served as a warship in an attack on Belgrade. The Belgrade defense managed to sink her. After a couple of years the boat was hauled out again and sent back to Budapest for repair. Una was quite inactive until WWII when she was seized by Soviet troops, which transformed this elite battleship into a mine-sweeper. In a couple of years her destiny was sealed by a mine she activated near Old Slankamen on the Danube river. The Yugoslav River Shipping agency raised her from the deep in 1945 and refused an offer by the Hungarians to repair her and make part of their museum exhibition. Since then, the ship bears the name Župa. Last time it was used at the beginning of the 1970´s.

Initiated within the Urban Incubator in 2013 students from the University of Hamburg (class of Marjetica Potrč), City-Guerilla, and the team from the Urbane Experimente e.V. (Kassel), made the ship publicly accessible and started creating a local community and social hub.  Artist collective Karkatag re-installed the chimney and made lifting system functional again. These activities, first interrupted by massive floods that have hit Serbia, continued over almost four consecutive months. They have resulted in workshops that contributed to more space functionality and furniture production, series of social gatherings, film screenings and other events such as food cooking with locals, music jam session and photo exhibitions with various artists. During the terrain clening for Belgrade Waterfront project, Zupa war relocated  tothe Makiš shipyard around 10 km. downstream the Sava River. The boat is in very poor condition.

Steam battleship Župa – short history *

General information and technical specifications:

Shipyard: Schiffswerft Budapest (Altofen), Hungary

Production Year: 1913

Length: 54 m (pp) 55.65 m (oa) (1955th 54.6 pp m, 55.95 m oa)

Width: 7.52 / 14.75 m (1955th 7.52 / 14.2 m)

Height: 2.5 m (1955: 2.43m)

Draft: 0.95 / 1.3 m (1955: 0.94 / 1.5 m)

Displacement: 240.97 t (1955: 276.17 t)

Capacity: 127.58 t (1955: 160.95 t)

Drive: 2 cylindrical boiler (130 m² / 11 atm), Schiffswerft Budapest diagonal Compound Machine (1913) / 350/400 IKS

Weapons (disappeared): two 66 mm cannon L18 Skoda and three machine guns 8 mm C93

*source: Museum of Science and Tech Belgrade