June 2024
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In 2014, when the NGO Urban Incubator was founded, KM8 offer precious physical space and therefore the opportunity for community activities, for co-operation between various initiatives and, at the same time, a unique production and exhibition space. KM8 became the central place for projects like Public Design support Studio, New Collection, City-Guerilla, Gallery and Bike-Kitchen-Belgrade.

KM8 is located in a ground floor warehouse with three separate rooms in the residential building in Kraljevica Marka 8 Street, built in 1837, and rebuilt in 1852. The House belonged to a Jewish family of merchants. The ground floor and the basement had been used as the stockrooms with a floating connection to the Sava River.

In 2005, Cultural centre Magacin (Warehouse), together with gallery space in Kraljevica Marka 8 (KM8) was established as part of Dom Omladine, (Youth Cultural Centre) production and exhibition space. In 2012, the KM8 had no functioning electricity nor meet other technical requirements to be fully operating as a gallery. After a one year contract secured the KM8 space for the UIB projects: Kamenzind, 3BGd – We also Love the Art of Others, and Savamala Design Studio (HFBK Hamburg), working on a small budget scale, with a new energy and with participation of international and local artists, architects and students, the space was re-opened in less than three months.

Architectural magazine Kamenzind had hired two young architects Tamara Popovic and Iva Bekic, to design the interior for future office and salon. A very special situation was at stake, where architects designed for architects, with virtually non-existing budget for delivery.

For designing the space, the two authors had been rewarded the first prize at the 36th Architecture Salon, in the category of interior.

Over the years KM8 became the main space of the Urban Incubator, known as a contemporary gallery and production space for emerging international and local artists, a classroom and workshop space for informal learning activities, organized by City-Guerilla youth platform, and other initiatives,  and space for placemaking, DIY culture and first Bike-Kicthen, bicycle volunteer run self-repair shop.